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The theme for this months Creative Mornings meet-up was "Game." If you haven't heard of Creative Mornings, it's a free monthly breakfast lecture series for the Creative Community (they're also global, so if you don't live in San Diego, see if your city has a chapter here). Each month has a theme and a speaker gives a short talk about the chosen theme. Cool right?

This month, the speaker was Gary Ware is a Play Consultant, let's call him Captain Play, Chief Strategy Officer of Tower 33 Digital, by day and improv comedian by night as described on his website. He created Breakthrough Play, to help people who are experiencing burnout, just as he had, before he found a creative outlet through Improv. 

 "We use the word 'busy' like it is a badge of honor, and this needs to stop!"

                           - Gary Ware -

Gary believes that through play we can become more creative and improve our relationships, and he made some compelling points. Think about when you play a level of candy crush, if you fail, do you beat yourself up about it and carry that weight with you the rest of the day? No. You try again, or you beg your Facebook friends for lives so you can try again. So playing games can potentially help one learn how to deal with our everyday failures that ultimately aren't earth shattering.

As Gary described the never ending to do lists that we make for ourselves, and compared most adults lives as running on a treadmill, forever moving and going no where; I started to feel anxious. But as he talked about his discovery of Improv (making him feel present in the moment) as a way to rest his burned-out brain, he made a great point. Our brain is a muscle, how do muscles grow after being used and stressed? From rest. Recess, or play, is rest.

Like everything, play in moderation. Gary was quick to point out there are two types of play, one to escape and one to recharge. By that point I was so engrossed in his talk that I kind of stopped taking notes haha, but what I'm taking away from this talk is that if we would all just chill out for a second and think back to when we were kids, how we made friends through play, and apply that to life as adults, we just might be happier.


Gary referenced the following TED talks, so if you're interested how Play can make us better humans, check out his website or any of the talks below!
Jane McGonigal - Gaming Can Make a Better World

Creative Mornings is also never complete without their photobooth!