ARTIST AT WORK: Samantha Louise Marett | San Diego Branding Photographer



Every now and then, you come across people who instantly make you feel as warm and comfortable as old friends. That's exactly how I felt when I met local artist, Samantha Louise Marett. She was open and bubbly and just had a passion for living that flows throughout her art. You can read more about her background here. 


So I was super stoked when she invited me to come down to 1805 Gallery during her residency to see her in action! The gallery set up is like a glimpse inside her brain, with well-loved art books, mementos, and house plants scattered throughout the room.

Her art residency, titled: It's Gonna Be Okay; "aims to inspire people through intimate interactions that reveal vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness."  Vulnerability is something I think the world needs a little more of, because only then can we understand one another's experience and grow as humans. 

The residency continues through the week and ends with a bang in the form of a exhibition on January 18th from 6-8pm.

During my visit, we chatted about her art heroes (Clyfford Still topping the list), her process, and the importance of teaching children about art at a young age. The best part was when two little artists came by and we got to watch them paint without fear, like only children can.


Photo cred for the far right photo goes to the little guy with the paint covered hands ;)


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