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Shannon Olona - Copywriter Rebrand | San Diego Designer

Shannon Olona is a bubbly and whimsical copywriter that was looking for a complete rebrand of her small business. She had been in business for only a short time, but had yet to really create a visual identity for herself online.

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Janna Barker started Isiko because she wanted to help create a platform to share, preserve and support cultural arts around the world. She served for two years at an orphanage in a rural village in Swaziland, Africa and saw first hand the types of handicrafts she wanted to celebrate and the communities she wanted to support. Currently she runs her small business out of San Diego, CA.

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ARTIST AT WORK: Samantha Louise Marett | San Diego Branding Photographer

Every now and then, you come across people who instantly make you feel as warm and comfortable as old friends. That's exactly how I felt when I met local artist, Samantha Louise Marett.

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