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The One Club for Creativity: Creative Boot Camp Los Angeles

In February 2018 my team placed 3rd at the One Club for Creativity Creative Bootcamp in Los Angeles, CA. During Creative Bootcamp, each team receives a client and a brief outlining the goal of the advertising campaign they need to create in 4 days

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If Home Is Where the Heart Is... Why Can't I Wait to Leave It? | San Diego Lifestyle Photographer

The April Creative Mornings lecture by Gary Ware about the importance of play into adulthood, made me think of a conversation I had with one of my good friends and fellow creatives. We were discussing why we enjoyed and crave travel...or being away from home for any reason. When "home is where the heart is," where your family is, and a refuge for the chaos of everyday life; why am I always in such a hurry to leave it. I'd rather sleep in an unfamiliar bed in another city than on my mattress that has molded itself to fit me just so.

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