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Julia Balto - Health & Mindset Coach | San Diego Branding Photographer

Officially, Julia is a certified health and wellness coach and sustainable behavior change expert. She helps busy women make sustainable, evidence based health and lifestyle changes to better manage their mental health. She is one of the most genuine and hilarious people I've met and I was a fan within minutes of talking to her. She really loves what she does and wants to help others "Choose Happy."

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Tools I Use to Edit Android Phone Photos | Photography Tips

As a professional photographer, I love my beautiful Canon DSLR and do all of my editing a retouching for the brands and entrepreneurs I work with, using Adobe Creative cloud. However, when I'm out and about, snapping photos to share on Instagram, I use my cell phone, as I'm sure most of you do too! So how did I get this dull photo of my avocado toast looking like something out of a food blog? Keep reading to find out.

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GUEST POST: Networking for Introverts | San Diego Business Branding

I’m just going to say it: there’s something about networking that makes my palms sweat. For me, it feels a bit like being a cat; I am both curious and wary, excited and full of dread. One part of my brain thinks, “What can I possibly say? I have no idea what I’m talking about.” The other says, “Look at all the people! I’m bound to make a new friend!”

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