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Building Your Visual Brand

h e a d s h o t : maybe brand photos aren't quite where your business is at yet, that's okay! There are plenty of royalty free stock photo sites that you can use to dress up your campaigns and website, but if you're the face of your brand a great headshot is a worthwhile investment.
It's not just about picking an outfit you think others will think is cool or going to a popular location in your city because it's trendy. No, a headshot is representative of your values and your business so it needs to reflect YOU.
It's the worst showing up to a headshot session perfectly primped and dressed to the nines...then feeling SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I've been there. I did a shoot where I stressed out so much about my hair and outfit that I over-styled everything and when I look back at the doesn't look like ME. That's no one's fault except my overanxious mind (can I get an amen?!)
I love this photo of @stefaniebalesfineart because (after getting to know her in the last 2 years) I feel like it's representative of her. She's in the space where she shares her creativity, her pose is relaxed, she loves all white everything and has a not-so-secret shoe obsession.
Okay okay, so maybe if you've gotten this far in my caption, you're like: "yeah Angela, but when you're as tall and flawless as so-and-so, of course it'll be a beautiful photo!" I'm here to tell you that's crap! For every ONE fab photo, there are like 20 rejects, and Stefanie can attest to that.
So be kind, march brazenly to the beat of your own kazoo, because people can smell BS a mile away.
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Brand Photography & Art Direction

Whether you are rebranding your business, or you are just starting out, photography is an important element to add to your web and social media presence. Brand Story sessions begin at $850 and include a style guide and shot-list for your brand and all images produced during the 3-hour session.

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Photography on Retainer & Content Creation

Whether you are a blogger, or a business launching a new product, you may not need all of the extras that come with an entire Brand Story Session. Contracts for retainer services & content creation begin at $250.

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HeadShot Sessions

No need for a full brand session but you want a banging’ headshot, look no further. Your session includes 1 location, 1 outfit variation, and 5 retouched images for your use. Starts at $299

Okay, let's talk brand photos. I've been racking my brain about the best way to present the service I provide small businesses because when working with amazing brands, I want it to be about more than just a pretty photo. There is a certain element of Art Direction needed to get a cohesive style that doesn't look like anyone else's. I like to consider myself first and foremost an Art Director. I visualize all the small things that make up your visual brand; I just happen to also be able to design a logo and also take your photos in addition to choosing a color palette.
So, I am starting a series of posts that highlight some of the cool people I've worked with, breaking down the process in 9 separate posts along with some tips on how to get the most out of your brand photos whether you work with me or one of SD's many talented photographers.
This style guide is for the amazing @checreates. She is a compassionate, joyful, and driven copywriter. She gave me a very detailed brand brief (do this!) where she outlined her "why": "I exist to call people higher unto their God-given identity and purpose" and some insights into her personality that she wanted to highlight: vintage music, hip hop dance and a good cup of coffee. With that information I decided to bring lots of deep colors that felt aged and ones that you would find in pockets of light in a big city. Che is that light bouncing off of skyscrapers and making them twinkle.
Keep an eye out for my next post about Che and her brand photos!

Creative Direction

Included with all Brand Story sessions. If you are still running a DIY operation and not able to invest in photography, I offer a creative direction consultations that include a style guide pdf with a color palette, a gallery of 20 royalty-free stock images curated from Unsplashed to use as inspiration images and on your website or blog, and a Mobile Lightroom and phone-photography tutorial.
Starts at $350


Logo Design

Only offered as an add-on to Creative Direction & Brand Story Sessions, a beautiful logo will be designed for your growing business and delivered as pngs in full color, black, and white along with 2 alternate logos. Starts at $300

Brand Videos:

3 Hours of Video Production
1 Location
2 Videographers
(1) 60-90 Second Brand Video
(1) 20-30 Second Social Media Video



Each Additional Hour: $175
Additional Location: $50
(must be within 15 mins of original location)
Additional 20-30 Second Video: $100
Scripted Interview with Edited Video: $300
Product Videography: $50/item