Content Creation on the go!

Content Creation on the go!

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Event date: Create content for your social media channels alongside some of San Diego’s most hardworking creatives. “Rising tides lift all boats.”

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What it is: 90 min photo tour of a predetermined location in San Diego ending with optional happy hour and networking(and more photos!) Attendees will act as photographers for each other creating content for their businesses along with posing and guidance from Angela of Create with Gusto. She’ll help you push your creativity to curate unique visuals for your brand!

Who it’s for: bloggers, makers, and service based businesses (such as: coaches, event planners, health and wellness professionals) and anyone who is the face of their brand but lacks a partner to take their photos.

What does it include: this meet-up is all about bringing creatives together and tangibly helping one another’s businesses. You will be paired up with another entrepreneur to assist with photography and Angela will also be taking candid photos and helping with composition and creative ideas. Each attendee will also receive at minimum 1 new headshot.

How to prepare: come dressed to impress and ready to be on camera. Nails groomed and shoes clean. If you are a service based business think about bringing a few things you use everyday. Example: if you are a makeup artist, bring a few of your fave products; health and wellness professionals could bring their fave essential oil or appointment book; product based businesses can bring a few select products you would like to highlight this month. Other ideas: laptop, tote bag, planner, and sunglasses. Important to note: less is more! you don’t want to be schleping too many items on your person. Limit to what you can fit in your handbag, tote bag, or small backpack.